Running out of time to pass AQ13 exams!

I am yet to pass AQ13 Financial Performance, 3rd attempt on 16th Sept, Financial Statements, 1st attempt on 1st Sept, ISYS about to submit 2nd version of report. Pretty sure my next ISYS submission will be fine, but not so confident about the other BIG two!
Getting worried that time is running out to take AQ13 exams (31st Dec) and if I fail my college are not going to have any exams available as they get booked up pretty quick. Have a vision of me having to trek round the country to try and get the exams passed before end of the year! I know that if I don't get passed in time I will have to transfer across to AQ16 and all but my ISYS project will be transferred across. So what modules will I have to do to pass in AQ16 to complete my level 4 - I have passed Budgeting, Cash Management, Credit Control. Really don't want to have to go onto AQ16 as this synoptic thing sounds horrendous and I'll be mad that the ISYS report (a load of waffle that repeats itself over and over) won't be counted (therefore a waste of time!).

I know I should think positive that I'll pass Financial Statements and Financial Performance but I'm being realistic here!!


  • Rebecca_JORDISON
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    Financial performance and Financial statements go hand in hand. Might be worth trying to sit both on the same day at your chosen exam center. One in the morning and one in the afternoon? Whilst your brain is in "financial" mode if you know what i mean.
    Can you bring your exam forward? Sept is quite a while away, could be worth travelling to get a sooner exam if your confident.

    Not sure on the AQ16, i'm just waiting on my AQ13 L4 Budgeting results i sat last week, i figure if i fail it, i've got 1 sitting before year end (taking in time for results). Big pain when it comes to waiting 6 weeks for results when if you knew you'd failed/passed you could reschedule asap.
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