What salary should I be entitled to?

Hi, I am a trainee accountant I'm 25, Level 3 AAT qualified and currently studying Level 4 under AQ2016 standards. I currently earn a salary of £16,500 I do live in a rural area so I don't expect to get the same salary as someone with the same criteria working in a city but by looking at average salaries in my area (North East), for my age, with my qualifications I'm wondering if I should be earning more as the average seems to be about £17,400


  • Irrorate
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    Have a read of the AAT salary survey 2017. If your employer does sponsor your training and qualifications then I'd consider those a benefit. So, a £16,500 salary + £1,500 AAT costs you're essentially on £19k (as an example).

  • TreadStone
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    I don't think attaining a certain level within AAT, whether 3 or 4, brings any entitlement to a given salary unless specified in any employment contract.

    What you are paid will be determined, to a large extent, on a number of factors. Namely your postion, role plus any relevant experience (how long have you been there, 6 month, 3 years ?...)

    Exam success may help to achieve a certain salary but not an entitlement to one.....
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    Entitlement was probably the wrong word just wanted to know other people's thoughts on it as the average salary that fits all of my criteria is much higher. My employer doesn't pay anything towards my studies I get 5 days extra holidays to use for exam dates and I don't have a contract.
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