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I have just recently completed AAT Level 4, How do I find out if I achieved Pass/Merit/ Distinction? I am aware of the percentages require for each category but I know some of the exams were worth more towards the final grade then others? If anyone could advise then that would be great :)



  • cmcdcmcd Registered Posts: 14
    There is a tool somewhere on MyAAT that you can put your grades into and it will tell you.

    Failing to find that, times your grade by the weighting of a particular exam, for example if you got 80% on the Synoptic do 80% x 35% = 28%. Do this for each of your 6 modules and total them to get your overall grade.

    The weightings are:
    Synoptic 35%
    Budgeting 15%
    Decisions & Control 15%
    Financial Statements 15%
    Optional A 10%
    Optional B 10%

    The pass marks are:
    70-79% pass
    80-89% merit
    90-100% distinction
  • AbbyCarrAbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    Go to your Statement of Achievement and look under Professional Diploma if you completed under 2016 standards. If you completed under 2013, you will only achieve competent or non competent.
  • ChloeGodwin0103ChloeGodwin0103 Registered Posts: 1
    ahh brill thanks both! Just looked and found out I managed to achieve Merit so very happy :)
  • cmcdcmcd Registered Posts: 14
    @ChloeGodwin0103 great stuff, well done =)
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