Financial statements exam

I have taken this assessment several times and am consistently failing on section one. Are there any general tips you could give me? The online assessments don't seem to reflect the exam question very well so it's hard to practise for this.


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    I noticed that too - all the level 4 assessments seem to be much harder than their online practice assessments would suggest.

    My advice would be to try practice questions from another source - perhaps your textbook if you have one; those seem to be more at the level of the real assessment. :)

    And keep trying! :D (I failed FNST on my first try too - in fact the only module I passed first time was Budgeting ...somehow! xD)
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    This was the only L4 exam where I ran out of time to answer all questions fully, but somehow still managed a pass.
    Looking back over the AAT practice assessments (for Task 1) they were a bit easier than the actual exam, but if you practice completing enough then the little bits they throw into the exam shouldn't be too taxing.

    I agree with Koopa, after the struggle I made sure to buy additional Training provider practice assessments. So I'm mainly using Osbourne books, though it's fairly easy to find used BPP question banks (2015 ed) with further practice examples. I would also go back over questions I had messed up, just to go through the process and learn how to answer them correctly.
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