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I am half way through my level 4( started in end of 2015). I had no issues with level 2 or 3 and I found most of the exams ok. All passed on the first attempt. I have completed 3 exams of level 4 no problem at all till I got to cash management and financial statements. I took Cash 3 times and statements 3 times. On few occasions I was convinced I will pass but to my disappointment I was not competent.
I read and study, study and read and no luck at all. I am at the point where I was told I have to finish my level 4 by end of this year with 3 exams to go( was told by AAT) but I just simply don't know what to. I want to do CIMA but I can't finish L4. I have few years experience working as purchase ledger Clark, sales ledger Clark, treasury assistant, assistant financial controller and recently was promoted and asked to become head of finance in the company I work for. It's extremely embarrassing as I am ok to do my job but yet can't complete L4 and move to CIMA. Should I just give up on level 4 and move to CIMA knowing I want get exemptions from first 3? Papers or should I try to finish level 4 and get the exemption. I am just so confused about the whole situation. I have never found any of the exams very difficult although they were not easy so please don't get me wrong.
Do I have any chance doing CIMA if I can't complete level 4?


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    Thanks Mickdundee. But I am only struggling with two exams? I just find actual exams no where near as easy as all the books, online etc. What else can I do? Does two exams means I am unable to do CIMA?
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    Maybe think about getting a tutor? Sometimes you may be stuck in your own ways but someone else might help you to see things from a different perspective. What always helps me is writing down the areas I'm having difficulties with and then trying to figure out why am I struggling.
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