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I work different shifts every week and it is difficult for me to commit to a college class once a week. I am more than capable of self studying. I was just wondering exactly what I have to do to start the process? From what I've understood I've got to sign up for an AAT membership which costs around £90, then buy the books (I'm unsure which books I'd need can someone help me with a link) and once I've studied the books then book myself in for the exams. Is this correct or can any body correct me if I'm wrong?



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    In order to book/sit exams and gain access to study resources you are required to register as a student member with AAT. Current annual fee of £92 plus a one of admin charge of £43.

    There are two options for learning if classroom based is out of the question. You can choose distance learning or self studying. Self studying is a cheaper option by far, as you say buy the books and book the exams yourself.

    Distance learning is where you register with a training provider, they provide you with study material, exams are booked through them and you will have access to a tutor via email. To be honest when I did distance learning I never made use of the tutors, so I would suggest self study and see how you get on.

    The books you need will depend on which level you are studying. Have you received a course prospectus from AAT which explains the units within each level and, how you are assessed etc.

    For example for Level 2 the units are:
    -Bookkeeping transaction
    -Bookkeeping controls
    -Elements of costing
    -Using accounting software
    -Working effectively(this will be assessed within the synoptic assessment which also cover learning from the 1st three units).

    You will need a tutorial/study text/course book plus a workbook/revision kit/question bank for the each of the topics above plus study material for the synoptic.

    There are 3 main publishers, Osborne, Kaplan, BPP and they call their resources by different names as I have shown above. Here are the links to each website, take care to purchase material for the AQ2016 syllabus. Which you pick will be due to personal preference. When you go to their websites you can see the books available. A cheaper alternative is to buy from students selling their used study materials on this forum.

    As a self studier you will need to find an assessment centre/training provider that accepts external students. On the AAT website search for training providers local to you, you can contact them to check if you can take your assessment with them..

    Kaplan is a popular choice as they have centres across the UK. This is a link to their exam booking section and you can see the dates/locations available.

    I have no experience of this organisation but have heard about First Tuition, you may want to look at their website to compare.
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    Just to note I have heard that Kaplan are no longer allowing self study or distance learning students with other providers from using them as an exam centre (from Sept 17).

    I use Eagle for distance learning and while they do have a local exam centre, its not local to me so I book all my exams. I've only used FI for Level 4 exams and they have been fine. I would say I have used my tutor at Eagle enough to merit the extra cost, only by email, not ideal but more reliable than trusting strangers to answer your questions on forum (in a lot of instances they don't, its pot luck), might not be so necessary at Level 2
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