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I have recently completed my L4 AAT and am looking to go on and do ACCA. I work in a relatively small practise in the North (12 employees). Another colleague is studying ACCA (passed 8/11 exams - 3 exemptions).

I have been researching different providers in light of a meeting with my employer next week. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have looked at BPP, Kaplan and First Intuition. I personally would prefer classroom learning as apose to distance learning.

What sort of agreement should I be negotiating, e.g. paid/unpaid days off for study? Roughly how many days off for each exam? Just paying for the lessons or should I look to have a 'questions day'/'revision day' added in with a couple of exams? Do people pay for their exams themselves (£105)? etc.

ANY help would be appreciated as I don't really know what the par is! I've tried Google, but not a lot on this...


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    Paid for the full course
    Paid for the exams
    Paid day off for the exam (which doesn't come out of your holiday pot) plus time off for revision.
    All of that in the In the ideal world :)

    How many days off for each exam - that's for you to decide.
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