Back after a 2 year break - help needed

Hi All,

So I have returned to my AAT after a 2 year break. I have to complete my level 4 before July 2019. I started studying financial statements via distance learning back in July, I have booked my exam for November but I am really, really struggling. It feels like have forgotten absolutely everything from levels 2 & 3 (which I learned at a college). I'm not sure if it is the break or the fact I am trying to teach myself as opposed to being taught but I feel like I am drowning.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some resources that will refresh me on level 3 especially? In a mad, decluttering moment before we moved house last year, I binned all my old notes & textbooks as I was adamant I wouldn't return to studying. I could really kick myself now.

Thanks in advance.


  • Adele69
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    Kinda feel bad no one answered but seems more par the course than when I first joined. I feel uncomfortable giving any suggestions here because, well, I have not taken 2 years out. I had 3 months out between L3 and L4 which felt long,.

    While I was doing L3 I had saved a lot of basic youtube videos in playlists which now have a lot of gaps as most were flagged and deleted. My favourite was ACCA material from London School of Business & Finance (LSBF), they have some good presenters.

    I would still suggest looking at ACCA particularly for F1, F2 and F3 as they have core accounting knowledge, theexpgroup, mapitaccountancy and opentuition all have good content, some can be a bit long and boring. I also used this for Financial Statement as a different perspective to just going through books as I've been doing distance learning.

    You should still have access to AAT Study Support for the previous levels, the elearning and seminars might be worth a punt, particularly Accounts Prep, Final Statements of ST&P and Costing (more for L4 Fin Performance)
  • Hahmed
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    Hi, I would kindly suggest watching some videos based on that topic on open tuition, this tool will help you succeed in you examinations, it is totally free of charge so please make the most out of it.

    I sat my Financial statements exam in December 2015, I was feeling pretty confident due to note making and using free resources such as open tuition.

    I hope you all succeed in your studies, Best of Luck :)


    Hasan MAAT AATQB
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    Forgot to mention there is also this Kaplan Knowledge bank site I've found useful, also a good resource for Financial Statements, as well as Sylvia at IFRS box
  • stitch
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    Hi, I had a 4 year break between levels 2 & 3, & a 1 year break between 3 & 4. I did level 2 by distance learning, & college for 3 & 4. The first few weeks after each break were really awful, but it does get easier. I had a complete meltdown in my 2nd class at level 3 because it seemed like such a foreign language I couldnt even pick up a starting point. But it did improve. I did keep all my books, but only had to dig them out a couple of times. I've found L4 has huge chunks which are a refresh of L3, so hopefully that will help you. I follow the same pattern for each unit which is: the textbook & all the exercises, the revision kit, the e-learning & green lights on AAT, the odd webinar, the freeby tests on Osbourne Books, the examiners notes on AAT from the 2013 standards (they are mainly not available for 2016 yet) & as many mocks as I can find, which seems to be getting me through. I get a bit blindsighted if I use too many resources, so I stick with those. I have really valued having a class & a tutor, but its mainly to maintain pace & moral support - I've learnt mainly by picking through it myself. There are major issues within the AAT - at L4 its on the MDCL & the synoptic - which has meant my focus has had to switch from enjoying becoming skilled & knowledgeable, to retaining my sanity & passing the exams - and im sure most students will agree. So dont feel alone if you are struggling with it, keep going and I hope this helps.
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