Level 4 Business Tax exam reference material

Hi - can anyone help me as I'm freaking out a bit! I have my business tax exam AQ2013 FA2016 next week and my Osborne Books have reference material that says is available during the exam but when I do the sample assessment on AAT website it only has tax data available and not all the reference material about calculating gains, corporation tax etc that is in the book. Can anyone tell me if the AQ2103 FA2016 exam has all the reference material available or if it's just the tax data.
Thanks :/

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  • SallyG
    SallyG MAAT Posts: 2
    Thanks Adele - thought it was a bit strange & it's my last exam so I think I'm just looking for something to freak about!! I'll just be certain to revise everything & then hopefully I won't be caught out.
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