VAT Invoice

UncleboobotUncleboobot Posts: 43Registered

I got this question correct, but to be honest I guessed between answers c) and d). I can't see any element of answer c) which would render it incorrect. Can you see anything?


  • N4TN4T Posts: 191AAT Student
    The buyer's name is not required on a simplified invoice (under £250)
  • UncleboobotUncleboobot Posts: 43Registered
    I in a way, it's the choice of answers which imply that the invoice in the question is a simplified invoice under £250....sneaky :)

    Well spotted you... :+1:
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgePosts: 320AAT Student
    I would have thought the unit price and VAT rate for each item, only (d) has rate of VAT. I hate questions like this
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