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I am due to sit my financial statements exam in 2 weeks (last one) and I just wanted to double check something. The final question 1.8 I think is about explaining if the company is better or worse using the ratios and it seems that this is an email style written question so I just wanted to check if this is definitely en email style question so I don't lose marks on something so silly by not doing it in that way. Also, do people say it's from AAT student or do they put their own name? Comfortable with the exam but just wanted to check what people do for this style of question. Thanks

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    Yes, this question is answered in the style of an email or a report the director, analysing the company's performance by calculation and comparison of the ratios against industry averages.

    You don't really need to worry about signing off at the end - the body of the report/email is what's important here, not the salutation and valediction. :)
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    Should you put from AAT Student or your own name? Thanks!
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    @Gainerp what do you mean level 3 and 4 process?
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