Acca and being self employed

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I am currently studying the level 4 AAT qual and I am hoping to go onto chartered studies. I have looked at ACCA but recently been informed that you cannot be self employed and/or provide services whilst studying for this? I wish (Once i complete level 4) to start doing some self employed book-keeping and tax. I am experienced in this, so thats not an issue (i work in practice and have other relevant work based experience) but my issue is what board would be best for me to study if its not possible to go onto ACCA? Any input is appreciated thanks in advance x


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    Ahh right okay! And I havent looked into that one just will have a look now thank you. Sorry if it seems like a daft question but do you still reach chartered status with that accounting body?
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    Ahh right! Don't mind it being more complicated to be honest, would actually prefer it haha thanks for your help x
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    Hahahaha that bad ey! I'm not underestimating it at all, I think tax has so many rules and regulations and they change so regularly so I can imagine it is an extremely hard subject to totally grasp. But nothing worth having comes easy as they say !
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