So I am about to embark on the advanced diploma in accounting self studying( I did the foundation level through open learning using my local college but they are not doing this part and tbh I did it mostly myself and got 93% overall)
So I've decided to use Kaplan to sit my exams and I can also pay seperatly for modules for support etc if needed.
Anyway my question is I understand there are 5 exams in total, the synoptic included. I've read previous discussions about Peth and spreadsheet exams needing seperAtely marked and I find nothing about this on Kaplan or aat. Was this old exams for aq2013 and these are no longer included in aq2016?
Any tips would be majorly great full :)

Stacey x


  • cindyclem
    cindyclem Registered Posts: 4
    My experience was no marked exams with Peth or spreadsheets (just tutor marked assignments through Premier training) but exams with the other modules. The spreadsheets and ethics are featured heavily in the synoptic so you still need to fully understand the modules. Good luck!
  • Katied
    Katied Registered Posts: 11
    I did Level 3 on 2013 standards and my peth and spreadsheets were marked by my tutor and then verified by someone else. However, I think on the new standards peth is incorporated into all the exams and peth and spreadsheets will be in the synoptic so as cindyclem said you will need to fully understand the modules
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