Printing to PDF

During my spreadsheet exam the question asked to Print a worksheet to PDF.
There was no option to print to PDF like I have in excel at work. So I saved the sheet as a PDF, but although in excel the sheet was landscape when it saved to PDF it made it Portrait.

Any thoughts on how to save it to PDF as a landscape document.

Many thanks,


  • hillly
    hillly Registered Posts: 1
    Do you have your print area set up as landscape and do you have the option when you go into Print to select the printer as Microsoft to PDF?
  • Boarder1962
    Boarder1962 Registered Posts: 2
    Yes my page layout was landscape. No there wasn't an option to print to PDF. I have that at work but it wasn't there at the exam venue. When I saved as to PDF it changed it to portrait
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