Tips for Level 3 Synoptic Exam?

For anyone who has sat a synoptic exam, please could you offer some advice? This is my first one and I haven't read good things!


  • zay1986
    zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    Unfortunately, I have the same problem. The exam next week I am so worried
  • cindyclem
    cindyclem Registered Posts: 4
    Same here. Exam on Tuesday. I've spent lots of time time revising ethics and spreadsheets. Also, Partnerships, Ltd Companys etc and the advantages etc. I have jemed up on ETB's and different costing modules. I am also really worried (and secretly planning to fit in a resit in Feb). Good luck next week guys.
  • zay1986
    zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    Thank you Cindyclem , unfortunately my membership will expire 01/02/2018 it means I need to pay £90 if I like do it in February. I hope I can do it in Feb because I’m not ready yet also, not reversion ( bookkeeping, management costing, indirect tax). I am really worried and confused.
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