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So i have my Software spreadsheet exam on Monday and feel ok about it, have a good feeling I will pass.
However I have Professional ethics exam on 20th December and have not started the Material yet. I am really worried I have not left myself enough time to absorb the information looking at the pass rates and the fact it is a written exam has really thrown me. I need to pass this as it was last possible exam date to pass under the AQ2013. Does anyone have any productive studying/revision tips for this unit. I have the textbook and access to Study support.


  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    Hey Francesca

    That’s really pushing it time wise. Have you started reading through the text at all? How many hours of study per week do you typically do?

    If you’re confident with the spreadsheets software exam now I’d suggest starting studying PETH right now! It is a lot to absorb.

    Really focus on the objectives of an accountant, the fundamental ethical principals, the threats and safeguards and resolutions... drill it into your head! Listen to the webinar on the study support section of the AAT website and practice practice practise. I read the entire book, then read a chapter and wrote notes down from that chapter, did the workbook practice questions for that chapter and wrote down any additional notes and tips I picked up from there until I got through the entire book. I then listened to the webinar and went through every single resource on the AAT website writing down any additional relevant notes I could see and did all the practice assignments and practice tests I could find. Then types up all my notes into ‘sub notes’ of things I struggled to remember and focused on them in the few days prior to the exam. Also read the AAT’s code of conduct in there as you’ll find plenty out from that. I honestly think the key with PETH is to read the same bits of information in as many different formats and with as many different explanations as possible as one of the explanations will be easier for you to understand and writing writing writing helps to drill it into your head. I managed to pass first time somehow, good luck!
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Thank you for your input Kara, I really didn’t have a choice time wise. I work part time and I am hoping to spend every given spare hour revising. I was thinking 3 hours a day. I also have an assignment which I will have to submit to my tutor this always helps give me a good indication of where I am at. I am hoping to do a lot of notes and brain storming watching videos etc etc. I will certainly take the recommended revision tips above. My training provider recommended 50 hours of study so I should be able to cram it in. It’s all based on if I absorb the information. Fingers crossed
  • GeorgiaHGeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 107
    Hi @francescasade12 Good luck in your exam today. :)

    I found with PETH the way i remembered the information was to read and write out the information over and over. Also a good way of remembering the fundamental principles is P.I.P.C.O
    P - Professional competence and due care
    I - Integrity
    P - Professional Behaviour
    C - Confidentiality
    O - Objectivity

    And the potential threats - A.S.I.F.S
    A - Advocacy
    S - Self Interest
    I - Intimidation
    F - Familiarity
    S - Self Review

    Good luck! :3
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    Another thing I would recommend is ensuring you understand the difference between integrity and professional behaviour. That one will most likely catch you out! Good luck today
  • ncraggsncraggs Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 70
    I have a blog on how to attempt this paper here:
    Hope this helps
    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition www.fi.co.uk
  • NME504NME504 New Member AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 67
    I am hosting a PETH Q & A session on Thursday evening at 6.30pm in the Accounting Student Network facebook group - this is an opportunity to ask a tutor any questions you like regarding PETH. To be part of this FREE event join our group

    Why not join the Accounting Student Network Facebook group. 1000's of students have found it a one-stop centre for studying resources, motivation & Career development - You can too!!
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Thank you for all the feedback. Georgia thank you for the PIPCO and ASIFS breakdown I think these will really help.
    I think today’s exam went well. Will have to wait and see now to get my head down for this PETH exam.

    I will re the journal Ncraggs and defiantly hoping the network group for the Q & A session NME50.
  • mcchocmcchoc East YorkshireRegistered, Tutor Posts: 52
    A Quick Guide To Preparing For The AAT’s PETH Assessment.

    BPP Workbook = Diploma in Accounting: Professional Ethics
    ISBN 9781 4727 2213 3
    Preamble – The PETH assessment is not as tough as it may first appear from the content of the textbook. If you follow this guidance, and put in the work, you should achieve the required pass mark of 70% with ease. The textbook you choose need not be the latest edition, so it is fine to find a cheap used copy online. The content will be almost identical, no matter the year of publication.
    Read the textbook from cover to cover. Twice.
    In the exam, know the difference between being asked to Describe something and to Explain something – explanations need to be concise and to cover the substance of the subject.
    Look into the Conceptional Framework and how it guides the process via evaluation, safeguarding, judgement and finally, decision-making.
    Learn a little of the relationship between the different Governing Bodies.
    Know what is meant by the Regulated Sector and how it affects the type of work an accounting technician may or may not do.
    Know the difference between a Civil offence and a Criminal offence, & their possible sanctions.
    Be aware of the difference between a Principle and a Rule.
    Learn by heart the five fundamental Principles, and what is meant by them –
    ● Integrity
    ● Objectivity
    ● Professional Competence & Due Care
    ● Confidentiality
    ● Professional Behaviour
    Learn by heart the types of Threat and what they mean -
    ● Self Interest
    ● Self-review
    ● Familiarity
    ● Intimidation
    ● Advocacy

    Learn by heart the different categories of Operational Risk and how each is defined -
    ● Reputational
    ● Litigation
    ● Process
    ● People
    ● Systems
    ● Legal
    ● Event
    Know the basics of the Data Protection Act with regard to Failure To Notify.
    Proceeds of Crime Act : Be especially aware of the inferences of holding client monies, especially with regard to Theft, Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism and the due reporting process to be followed by the accountant.
    Know what behaviour can result in the accusation of “Bringing the Profession into Disrepute.”
    Know the circumstances when the general default of Confidentiality can be overruled.
    Know the difference between Bribes & Hospitality.
    Brundtland Report
    Understand Sustainability: “The 3Ps” = The Triple Bottom Line:
    ● People
    ● Profit
    ● Planet
    So go into the exam well-prepared, having worked through a couple of practice assessments. There is often a grey area or overlap between say Integrity and Objectivity in the scenario you will analyse. You do not need to write an essay – keep your answers brief and salient, and built around those key ‘trigger’ words.
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    mcchoc, thank you for a very detailed response. You have broken it down very well and i feel more confident after reading that. I have the textbook from my learning provider i have also ordered some pocket notes on the exam. Does anyone have any links to passed papers and example answers.

    I have just received my provisional mark from my learning provider for Spreadsheet software exam so i feel a little more at ease, i just need to nail this exam and level 3 has finished. If i fail it then i have to resit 3 exams which are not tarnsferable on the AQ2016, i am ot the best when it comes to written exams but i am going to give this my all.
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    How is your studying going Francesca?
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Hi Kara,

    To be fair it’s not going to bad with my training provider we have an assignment which must be submitted before exam and I passed this with over the 70% required for competence. Which is great however completely different pressure to the exam. These next few days I am working through and making notes relevant to each task 1-9 of the exam. Trying to make sure I am covered for all possibly questions.

    I need to spend some time on sustainability. But I feel I have got my head around the principles, the threats to the principles and safeguarding.

    There’s a lot to learn for this exam, and just trying to get them key words to stick, over the weekend I am going to concentrate on exam structure and answering questions in the correct format.

    I am trying not to panic too much, I am currently 8 months pregnant a mother of two and still working at the minute. Exam on 20th Maternity leave starts 22nd December then it is Christmas. i have a lot on a the minute but if I begin to panic I will not pass. So just have to have faith I am doing enough don panic and I should pass.

    How are you doing?

  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    Oh I feel you!

    I’ve got 3 little ones, youngest turned 1 last month and is up all night still. Middle is only 2 and my eldest is 8.

    I was also working self employed bookkeeping (qualified through the ICB a few years ago) so had that on top of having to get 4 exams passed in 5 months!

    You can do it!!!!
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Superwoman, suppose it’s all an encouragement to achieve the results even more. Good luck with everything I will update you on exam :)
  • DaivanaDaivana Registered Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any links to passed papers and example answers for PETH exam, PLEASE
    All I want for Christmas is.....to pass PETH and receive level 3 Diploma!!
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Sat my Exam this Morning and had an email from my training provider advising that I have passed with a good pass and she would send on feedback later.
    I am so relieved; however I must stress for me this was he hardest exam out of all the Level ones. Lot of information to retain and remember. It really is about reading and reading making notes and creating abbreviations so things stick. I wrote out 2 A4 sheets of notes when I entered the exam and went back over my answers. I also over answered things I was not sure on, just tried to get as much detail in, in the hope that some of it was relevant. Good luck with your exam Daivana do let us know how you get on.
  • DaivanaDaivana Registered Posts: 2
    I am happy for you, congratulations!!
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    Well done! That’s fab to hear and wonderful they could look so quickly!

    You must be so relieved. It is a very very difficult exam and well done you for managing to remember so much of it. You’ll need to retain some of it for level 4 so don’t plan on forgetting it all any time soon!
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Arh Thanks Kara, I was a pain and emailed my training provider due to the deadline for the syllabus coming up I would have had to try and find a resit before 31st December. Very relieved I can enjoy Christmas, have new
    Baby on the way in 4 weeks and crack on with Level 4 once I’m recovered. Thank you for your support x
  • JaneMarieJaneMarie Registered Posts: 6
    A bit confused on the sponsoring bodies of AAT I believe this changed in May 2017 so books dated. Also confused on CCAB members as of 2017. Are these still being part of the exam questions?
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    Francesca let us know if the safe arrival of your baby when you get a chance :-)
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Kara, baby is still very much cooking any day now hoping I don’t go overdue officially due 19th Jan. will update you once baby has arrived xx
  • francescasade12francescasade12 Registered Posts: 14
    Jane I wasn’t asked this in my exam but chances are you could be quizzed on it, I would ask your tutor if you have access to one. When I was studying the syllabus I was in at the time SOCA was still running and mentioned in all my textbooks however NCA has now taken over my tutor advised I would get marks for mentioning either if it were to come up in the exam.
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    My last post should obviously say OF, not if! Sorry! Enjoy the last week of relative peace (not that there is any with children!)
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