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AAT Level 2 - Help

I have not long started my AAT level 2 and am currently studying for my bookkeeping transactions exam.

I am studying from home and my course provider has been really poor at giving me time lines etc. with regards to completing the qualification. Please could anyone give me a rough guide of how many hours per week they spent studying, and what I should expect in the exam.

Are all exams taken on a computer, and what percentage is a pass? I have taken the practice exams on the AAT website and have passed as 'competent' however I am not sure if there are different levels of passing?

Also, could anyone recommend some good study books? Sorry for the long post, I am starting to panic a little as have no idea how far along the course I should be!!

Thanks in advance


  • CSan89CSan89 MAAT Posts: 207
    Timelines depend on how quickly you want to do the qualification, I did around 10-15 hours per week for level 2 and did it all in 3 months. (This was at college so was structured that way).

    All exams are on computer and are like the sample assessments on MyAAT. 70% is the pass percentage for all the exams.

    I used Osborne Books for level 2 & 3 and used BPP for level 4. Both of them seemed good to me, however you will get many different opinions on which books are best.
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  • crispycrispy Trusted Regular SouthamptonRegistered Posts: 456

    Although not specific for AAT, I could recommend 'Frank Wood Book-keeping & Accounts' (see below link) as a solid companion throghout your AAT studies.

  • JoJoMisJoJoMis Registered Posts: 50
    You can take as long as you want with the course. It took me a bit less than 2 months to do all my exams but to be fair I am only working 25 hours a week- a luxury not everyone has.
    With the AAT mock exams I like to use the answer sheet to correct my work and then grade it myself to know exactly what percentage I got.
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