Personal tax study support! Is it wrong or am I missing something?

I've watched the calculation video for income tax a number of times and I think they have calculated it wrong.

The person in question is a higher rate tax payer so shouldn't their savings allowance reduce from £1,000 to £500?

I have contacted AAT and so has my tutor with very little help or achknowledgement so I'm hoping some of you guys can assure me I'm not missing something simple?

My exam is next week so it's quite important I know I'm doing things the right way.

Screen shot attached for reference.

Any help appreciated.


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    If only I still had access to the student resources, have emailed AAT requesting it.

    I would need to check the full video as without further info can't tell if it's definitely incorrect.
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    Thanks for replying.

    Under what circumstances would the £1,000 savings allowance stil apply to a higher rate tax payer? I haven't been taught it if the rule exists.

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    When I did Personal tax at the start of the year, if you are a higher rate tax payer, you savings allowance drops to £500.

    Just looked at the tax tables in the office and they also say it should be £500 allowance.

    If I remember correctly, in the exam this is a human marked question so I would assume that the marker would know the current rules as they usually teach the subject as well.

    Do you have the question that the answer belongs to?
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    Attached thanks
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    Seems like they got their answer wrong.
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    That's 7 student and 1 tutor that agree. The AAT won't discuss t with me because I'm a student. Seems madness people may fail their exam because of an error on their study material and they don't really seem to care.
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    @AAT_Team - Are you able to give @Cd83 an answer?
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    @Cd83 - Hi there,
    I am 100% sure this answer is wrong.
    As they are higher rate payer they get £500 savings allowance so if we deduct this from £1,500 we are left with £1000*40%=£400 and not £200.
    They have got the answer wrong. I also have my exam very soon so I am with you they have got the answer wrong. Thank you
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    Hi @Cd83 we're looking into this for you, can you let us know who you have spoken to about this already from AAT?

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    I called customer service who gave me an email address for content queries who responded and said my tutor needed to contact them as they couldn't discuss with a student

    My course tutor is jackie nealon from bury college who contacted content queries but she hasn't had any response from them.

    If you could let me know the outcome of your investigation that would be great.

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    > @AAT_Team said:
    > Hi @Cd83 we're looking into this for you, can you let us know who you have spoken to about this already from AAT?
    > Thanks

    @AAT_Team how did you get on?
  • Cd83Cd83 Posts: 30Registered
    > @Cd83 said:
    > > @AAT_Team said:
    > > Hi @Cd83 we're looking into this for you, can you let us know who you have spoken to about this already from AAT?
    > >
    > > Thanks
    > @AAT_Team how did you get on?

    Anyone? Exam tomorrow? @AAT_Team
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    Go with what everyone else has said. Good luck!
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    I'm going to have to. Thank you
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    I have reached out to the team @Cd83 but they are on strict dealine and are unable to handle the request until tomorrow. I understand you have already had a response from our customer support team and tutor however, so I can't guarantee anything different than you have already heard.
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    @Cd83 we've circled this back to our customer support team who will be in touch to provide you with more detail. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for using the forum to bring this to our attention.
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    Thank you
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