Easiest and hardest units

I'm coming to the end of my Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and debating whether or not I should take level 3 now or later.

In you opinion, which are your easiest and hardest units?


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    in terms of pass rates, advanced bookkeeping and synoptic are the hardest, and probably FAPR and IDRX are the easiest ones.
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    I am doing Advanced Bookkeeping now and it is interesting but a lot to take in and remember, far more than at L2 but then that's why it is Level 3.
    I would go for it, if your haven't already.
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    I would go for it, easier to carry on from where you left off than wait and potentially forget some of the information.
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    Speaking from the point of view of someone who did the levels under AQ13, it was much easier to just go straight on from level 2 to 3 (and from 3 to 4) than for those coming back to a level from taking a break after they finished the previous level.

    Not sure how well the old modules correlate to the current AQ16 ones, but Accounts Prep was universally agreed to be the hardest, while Indirect Tax was the easiest. Oddly, a lot of difficulty was had by many in the Spreadsheet Software module... (Excel really isn't that hard... xD)
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