Claiming for laundry costs

We have a client who has a cleaning and washing business of holiday lets. They have given me spreadsheets for the washing times and drying times of all the work for the year from there own premises. Costs have gone through for the detergents etc and they have a business use of home go through from a previous accountant. My question is how we can claim for this in monetary terms. HMRC website only talks about washing of uniforms.
Any ideas??


  • MarieNoelle
    MarieNoelle Registered, Moderator Posts: 1,368
    If the client is taking home laundry to wash, dry and iron I would expect a higher bill for electricity and water - it looks like you may be able to quantify these costs (from their spreadsheet) - or how was it calculated previously? I am sure if you find a way to apportion the costs that seem fair and reasonable this shouldn't be a problem with HMRC.
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