What did you work as whilst studying AAT?

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What was your position and once you had completed AAT what did you move on to doing? Did you find it easier to get jobs in accountancy?


  • MooreAccounts
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    I started AAT when I was working as a purchaser for an engineering firm. My role was then split to purchaser/accounts assistant to gain practical exposure to the theory learnt. It definitely helps on your CV - I went from that to accounts manager at a new company before I had finished AATL4, and again after finishing.
  • Norvydas
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    Was working full time as an Personal Trainer, started studying Level 2 and got a job as Finance Assistant within 2 months :)
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  • IzzyL
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    Been working as shop assistant when started AAT, after finishing level 3 have I found very low paid Junior accounts assistant position I been moving very quickly in the company (Accounts assistant, Assistant Accountant) , unfortunately company went to administration and made me redundant. After two months I have found Assistant Management Accountant position, on completion of level 4 I have received promotion to Revenue Accountant.
    I think the qualification is great but the most difficult part is to get the first job.
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