ACCA Exemptions?

LaurenNicholls91LaurenNicholls91 GlasgowRegistered Posts: 1

I'm qualified up to AAT level 3 and am looking to commence ACCA. Can anyone tell me if level 3 provides any exemptions for ACCA? If so, what are they?



  • Tii_ZahraTii_Zahra Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Lauren
    I doubt you can get an exemption being just AAT level 3 qualified. You'll need to finish level 4 then you can get the exemptions which is only the F papers (F1-F3).
  • KoopaCooperKoopaCooper London, UKMAAT, AATQB Posts: 172
    If you go into the ACCA exemptions calculator

    It says "There are no course exemptions for this qualification. Your course does however allow you to register for the ACCA Qualification."

    Level 4 gets you exemptions from the first 3 papers of ACCA (F1-F3), and there was a myth I heard at college about getting exemption from F6 if you took BTAX and PTAX at level 4, but a myth is all that seems to be. xD
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