What's the Point?

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Hi all,

I'm really struggling with my motivation at the moment, almost on the verge of packing it all in. It all seems pointless to be honest.

I'm already late into accounting (I only started studying 3 years ago and i'm in my mid-thirties) and I'm finding that all the jobs i'm applying for seem to want either a graduate or someone who is already qualified or mostly do not even bother replying at all because they are advertised through agencies who are quite frankly useless (there are far too many people applying for jobs and competition is so fierce).

So with age against me, and so many people after accounts roles, it seems, at times, as if there is no point carrying on with AAT as it won't lead anywhere.

Just wondering if anyone else had any similar thoughts?




  • richie
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    Mate the worst thing you can do is quit ............ carry on with your AAT studies as I know people 40+ who are just starting. Once completed you can be a self employed bookkeep etc or do whatever you what to do with the qualifications basically. Also there always a job out there for you just persevere and the right one with the right money will turn up :). DONT GIVE UP
  • Tumie
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    I've also had thoughts of quitting countless! times before.. because I've failed a couple of my exams! But I didn't give up because AAT has great opportunities. And I've come this far so why not finish what I've already started.. So you really aren't alone... Its challenging yes! But the reward will be so much better.
    Age shouldn't keep you from pursuing the things you want to do... Even if you were 50 you'd still be worthy of a degree. The fact that you started means you are ahead of most people who only dream of a degree but aren't taking the steps that you've already took to get qualified and start your career. So DON'T GIVE UP!

  • WarrenJAllen
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    Pull your head out of your ass, brush off that negativity and get your head into your studies.

    So you're in your mid-thirties? Well, you've got about another 30 years or so of work ahead of you to look forward to. If you have an interest in accountancy and/or finance then AAT is certainly going to give you a nice solid foundation to base that on!

    Like Richie mentioned, you don't necessarily have to work for someone else, you could work for yourself. You'd be surprised at the number of small businesses that need bookkeepers and accounts administrators. "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." Finishing your studies will definitely be a large step towards that.

    If you're already part way through then the worst thing you could do is to quit now. Keep at it and finish it. The sense of satisfaction at the end will make it well worthwhile, and at the very least you'll have picked up some very useful skills and knowledge along the way!
  • KoopaCooper
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    Age is not against you.

    You have longer to go to retirement than your working life has been so far.

    Not to mention the government constantly shifting the goalposts on state retirement age... xD
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  • edwalford
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    Evening all,

    Apologies for the late reply to you guys, been busy the last few weeks.

    Pull your head out of your ass, brush off that negativity and get your head into your studies.

    Thanks WarrenJAllen, think that's probably what I needed a big kick up the A***! You are all right, I do have a long time to go with my working life! Too long eh Mickdundee and with Gov continuously shifting the retirement age!

    I won't give up (i've come this far as you say Tumie, although it is hard at times when all the doors get shut back in your face. I could build myself a door as you say WarrenJAllen, though I don't really want to 'go it alone' so would prefer to either join a practice or a large organisation where I could progress (I'm open to both at the minute).

    Anyway, I've booked my Final Accounts Prep exam for a months time and started my next module so fingers crossed! :)

    Thanks folks, all the best.


  • WarrenJAllen
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    That’s what I like to hear :sunglasses:

    Best of luck with the exam, if you work hard I’m sure you’ll smash it!
  • Tilki
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    I was 44 when I finished level 4 and got my MAAT. I am now in an amazing job with an SME who are planning to bring all of their accounts 'in house' with me at the head of it all!
    DON'T GIVE UP!! You will only regret it eventually :)
  • BuddyBookelle
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    I'm 61, and about to take my Advanced Bookkeeping exam, the first of 6 modules for AAT L3 accounting. I've been practicing bookkeeping for years running my own practice, but wanted to study and learn more. I'm also a trained nurse, and a singer songwriter, mother of 3 and a grandmother. Mid thirties is YOUNG....Enjoy your life and never give up. Life is for living and enjoying and studying and learning new things, whatever age you are.
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