Nomisa Vs Capium

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I currently use digita for accounts production but looking to try another software and would appreciate reviews on which software provide is best to go for Nomisa or Capium?

Also what is the price difference.


  • burg
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    We have used various ones in the past but are currently with Capium and have been for the last 14 months or so.

    We have used Digita in the past before moving to Keytime for 3 years or so. We then jumped ship when Iris bought them out and things started going downhill.

    I'm very happy with Capium. We use accounts production, self assessment & corporation tax.
    We already have Glide for practice management but we are considering moving to Capium for payroll.

    The system works very well and as it is cloud based it's easy to access. I've only ever once had an issue with downtime and that was late at night when I was trying to do some catch-up.
    We run around 450 clients on it and very rarely get issues. There are the few odd bugs that pop up here and there like any software but support are good and get it resolved quickly.

    I'm very happy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

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    Thank you.
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    Avoid Nomisa.

    They are owned by the same people that run and own a firm of accountants.

    The last thing you want is another competitor seeing your client list, all your client's data, knowing your prices, your client's addresses, etc. Recipe for disaster if you ask me.

    A bit like KFC giving the chefs at Nandoes their secret recipe and thinking nothing bad will happen.
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    Ok. Thanks for the info
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    Hi @POZJ hope you don't mind me asking, are you unhappy with Digita? I've only heard good things about it except for the price.
    Thank you.
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