Take a break during exam

I did not know that you can ask invigilator to pause you exam while you take a break so lost some precious exam time. So just sharing in case there sre other people who did not know that. Good luck


  • thefuture
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    So for example, I am taking my level 4 budgeting exam. I complete the first 3 questions and arrive at the first written question. I read the information and details of the question, ask the invigilator for "some break time", spend 5-10 minutes organising in my head all of the points that I need to cover in my answer. At that point I finish my "break" and write my answer, having the 5-10 minutes "break" making the task much easier. I am not saying I would do this, I would not want to do this, it just does not make any sense that a break in an exam would be allowed unless in an extreme circumstance?
  • CSan89
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    It’s usually only allowed for toilet breaks. Invigilators do have a set of rules and tend to know when people are taking the P***

    Also the screen comes up with locked by invigilator so you can’t read it while it is paused.
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    I was offered a 15-minute break before I took the Synoptic Assessment yesterday because it was a 3-hour exam. They said I'd be supervised if I took it.
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