AAT Comment: How bookkeepers can keep the office in order – process makes perfect

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Bookkeepers can help their clients more if all their office processes are transparent and consistent – not just their financial ones.

So what advice can you give your clients to make their lives easier – and by extension, yours?

Lucy Cohen is Commercial Director at Mazuma GB. “We don’t mind so much if clients are a little disorganised as it’s very much the arena we work in. What we do battle with is those who knowingly leave things to the last minute all the time, despite our constant nagging!” What do you always want to say to clients when they are ill-prepared or don’t understand what needs doing? “We always try to make our processes as clear and easy to follow as possible, so it can get frustrating when people just ignore us – especially as it ends up just causing them more stress. We always want to say, ‘just do it when we ask – please!’ ”

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