Netflix / Production Guild (UK Film Industry) Trainee - £550 pw

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I thought I would post this here in case it was of interest to anyone.

For anyone studying completing their AAT qualification or currently working within an accounts department at any technician level, looking to find a way to spark live into 'what do you do' conversations:

Person 'what do you do?'

You 'I work in accounts.'

Person 'Ahh, ok. Errm, you must be good at maths'

You 'Not really, the vast majority of it is basic arithmetic'

(Awkward silence)

I have no involvement in this trainee scheme however I partook in a similar scheme in 2007/08 after completing my AAT qualification and am still employed in the film/tv industry and have had a positive experience, working fairly continually, earning more than I envisaged and having the opportunity to work on exciting film & tv projects predominantly in London but also on location around the country and overseas. The UK film industry has a shortage of assistant accountants as US studios (such as Netflix) have steadily increased their UK film-making over the past 6-8 years.

The film industry has traditionally been somewhat nepotistic employing a disproportion of middle class/upper-middle class people. This is changing (slowly) however and salaried trainee schemes such as this which allows a trainee to afford to support theirselves in London independently, without the assistance of parents/partners, will hopefully continue to increase diversity in the film industry.

I would be happy to answer anyones general questions regarding the industry or what to expect but as a simple overview:

- Long hours usual especially during shoot periods;
- Proven experience trump qualifications;
- It can be hard to plan holidays with friends/family who don't work in the industry, due to the dynamic nature of working from contract to contract
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