Worried about final grade

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Hi guys,

I'm currently studying AAT Level 3 and have achieved the following results:

Indirect Tax: 90% (10%)
Advanced Bookkeeping: 91% (20%)
Costing: 85% (20%)

I'm a bit disappointed that I got 85% in the costing exam as im aiming for distinction, will this be hard to make up for in the other exams to get an overall distinction?

Also, how much does your level 3 overall grade matter if you plan to do AAT Level 4 and ACA or ACCA?




  • sharpy92
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    Hi Chris,

    Until last year you didn't get graded on any of the levels so I wouldn't worry too much about a distinction.

    Companies will only look at the fact you have completed the grade I would think.

  • Cheesypeesy
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    I don't think AAT grades overall are too big of a deal. I think employers would put more emphasis on experience and suitability to the role than to how well you pass AAT. I can't imagine it being used as a tie-breaker.

    A pass is a pass in my mind, and if you're looking to go chartered your AAT grade will become even less relevant.
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  • ClareJo
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    Yes companies only look at the fact that you passed rather than what percent grade you got so dont worry about it
  • xHolmesyx
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    Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated.
  • Norvydas
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    Agreed with previous replies.. I am for example aiming to get qualified ASAP so the grade for me doesn't really matter. L3 I've done within 6 months that's with full time employment. In CV you would put AAT Level 4 Qualified or Professional Diploma in AAT achieved, I don't expect you would write your grade as well.

    Don't panic!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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