Depreciation and disposal of Plant & Machinery in VT Transaction+

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I am preparing account for a client who is sole trader. He started the business 01 Jan 2017 and Ceased trading on 15 Jan 2018. I am preparing account for this period. He purchased some equipment during year and I need to allow deprecation for them and then dispose them.

How deprecation and disposal should be posted in VT Transaction+
Assuming Cost – additions= £2000 and depreciation is = £200?
And amount of disposal: £1800

Thank you for your help.


  • MarieNoelle
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    What's happened to the equipment? did he sell it and if so for how much? If not what is the MV of the equipment at the time of disposal?
  • FAC
    FAC Registered Posts: 17
    Equipments are kept by owner at book value £1800.
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