Corporation Tax - Management Expenses - SA2000/Quality Management Software Ltd

Franip24 Registered Posts: 1
Hi all,

Hoping someone can shed some light on a query I have with the Corporation Tax CT600 form, using SA2000/QMS..

I am filling in the chargeable profits tab and have management expenses to be deducted. The management expense tab deducts them from profit which is fine, but shows them as excess amounts on the submission which they are not. Is anyone having trouble with this and if so, how did you get around it?


  • mskaat
    mskaat Registered Posts: 53
    Contact QMS. They are best placed to answer. We stopped using the software many years ago due to similar problems. That is made true today, as more and more entities are giving profit warnings or going into administration as results of relying on spreadsheet based figures and/or software.
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