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Having a nostalgic trip down memory lane, looking up old posts/threads and I see a problem....... it's all very well AAT banning people/users, however, my posts don't make a lot of sense with the ones I was replying to removed! I post like I'm a crazy woman!

Just thought I'd contribute my 2pence worth.. :)

Happy (belated) new year everyone!

B x


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    Welcome back @BeccaLouJ9 :)

    I totally agree with you - a lot of threads, and some technical ones too, do not make much sense anymore. However I understand it would take a while to go through every single post and only delete the most "offensive ones".
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    So we don't have mrme89 or mickdundee anymore... anyone else left? :'(

    Did I miss some exciting, controversial posts? (That I now can't read because they have been removed).
    B x
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    what happened to mick dundee?
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    He was eaten by his crocodile.
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