Am I able to set up and work from home? Help!

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I have been AAT qualified for 3 years and worked for a worldwide business for almost 5 years within the accountancy team working on all aspects of accountany and now working for a outsourced accountancy firm (for 8 months) covering SL, PL, Salaries etc.

I am wondering whether I could go self employed and work from home?
If I was to do this, what could I offer to clients? How do I gain clients/advertise? Can I sign off accounts?
I am wanting to have a baby fairly soon and would rather work from home.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


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    Yes, you can become self employed:

    You could offer Bookkeeping, vat, payroll

    Getting clients: maybe leafleting/emailing businesses?

    Sole traders don't require accounts, just tax return. Limited companies just require director to sign off.

    Enjoy your last few months of life (and sleep) without a baby.
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