VAT Treatment for Charities

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Hi All,

I work for a small charity that is hosting a music festival specifically for people with learning difficulties.

We are currently looking into whether it would be worth us voluntarily registering for VAT, it all comes down to whether we would have to charge VAT on the ticket sales to the event.

- The event is specifically for adults with learning difficulties
- Attendees do have to pay £15 for their ticket
- Money raised will go towards other events/good causes/expanding the charity.

I have read on the HMRC website that there are certain exemptions for charity fundraising events of certain types and i believe "concerts" may be on this list and i would appreciate some help from some knowledgeable peeps that may have experience in this area?

VAT for charities seems like such a tricky area and i am struggling on this point.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Sadly I can't help on this VAT issue, but my suggestion would be to find an accountant/ VAT specialist because there may be more to it than just whether or not the tickets would be VATable.

    I'm sure if you say it is for a charity you may find someone that won't charge much or even do it for free if t doesnt take too much time :smile: .
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