Management Decision and Control

Hi Guys, I just thought I would try and help anybody doing this exam. I've got my result back today and got 89% which i'm really surprised at but really really happy! I put in ALOT of hours revising and doing practice questions from the KAPLAN books and also the BPP Revision books. I bought the BPP revision text and also the study text.
I heard that it was quite difficult and that there were had previously been complaints with the questions not reflecting the practice ones before I sat the exam so I've been really nervous as I took a week off work to revise (in total I revised for a couple of months just studying from home with the books- no tutor). Naturally it can take me a good few times practicing something (I do find making flashcards very useful as I'm a visual learner) for it to click so I've given myself reassurance that as long as i put the hours in it WILL pay off. I would literally get home from work at 6 and revise for about 4 hours a night, then also revise each weekend. Felt like my life was put on hold but i'm glad I did it that way.
Just bought Cash and Treasury Management texts to start on, thinking i might not need as long to revise (thinking maybe a month) but if anybody else has done it I'd like to hear from you!
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