Acceptable in exam?

gemma89 Registered Posts: 43
I have my first exam Tuesday - I was wondering when they give me a piece of paper to work out can I right DEAD / CLIC on it once the exam has started so that I remember it clearly through the exam?


  • dsg1978
    dsg1978 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 21
    I don't see that being a problem. I wrote out equations and ratios on my blank sheet. It's there for workings out and that is a way of working out where things go.
  • CSan89
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    The paper is yours to do with as you please once the exam has started. Good luck on Tuesday :smile:
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  • gemma89
    gemma89 Registered Posts: 43
    Thanks guys. Will I get the results straight away? It is the book keeping transactions I am doing.
  • Norvydas
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    Hi Gemma89,

    You will get your exam results straight away for Level 2 & 3 unless it is synoptic exam.

    Level 4- you will have to wait 5-6weeks for each exam results.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • gemma89
    gemma89 Registered Posts: 43
    Thanks for your help again. Don't suppose you know the pass mark for book keeping transactions
  • Mike Webster
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    All AAT assessments have the same pass mark - 70%

    This is at ALL levels and does make one think when you see yr 1 university degree courses (which most would accept is the equivalent level to the Professional Diploma) with pass marks of 40%.
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • gemma89
    gemma89 Registered Posts: 43
    I have just completed my Business Management degree so know exactly what you mean

  • BradJones_FTA
    BradJones_FTA Registered Posts: 23
    Yes, I do a similar thing when I start my exams. I'll write down formulas or mnemonics that will, and sometimes do, help during the exam.

    Good luck! B)
  • Undlou
    Undlou Registered Posts: 11
    Do you get a percentage result for BTRN exam? I had competent on my assessments page but the % still shows as n/a.
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