Can I progress to level 4 with incomplete level 3?

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Just a bit of background I've just failed my re-sit for final accounts preparation (65% argh) and I'm not overly confident I'll pass my synoptic when I get the results back. I had already applied and been accepted onto a college course for level 4 but I just wanted to confirm if anyone knows will I be physically restricted from sitting the level 4 exams? My plan was to, if need be, re-sit the outstanding level 3 exams in September.


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    Hi jrl993, AAT doesn't require level 3 before starting level 4 but your college may have different requirements.
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    There is no requirement, but I would give the advice that level 4 is a big step up from level 3 so I would carry on and complete the resits. It doesn't seem you are that far off and passing them would be a boost to your morale.

    Also I know with the ICAEW, some of the exemptions require some of the level 3 syllabus. Can't saay for ACCA,CIMA etc.
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  • jrl993
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    Thanks for the replies. The college do not discriminate against not having completed level 3 but I'm definitely going to complete the outstanding exams will just have to work harder!
  • AAT_Team
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    You can do it 👍
  • skbrar
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    Could I ask where you have been accepted for this course? As I would also like to continue with my AAT level 4, having failed the synoptic level 3 which I will resit, but don't want there to be a delay with my studies
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    I believe you can do it
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