Can employers/prospective employers see whether you obtained a Pass/Merit/Distinction?

I have realised I am currently just 1 mark away from being the next grading level up. Would it be worthwhile me retaking an exam?
Or is this something that isn't really looked at by employers, even with the new grading being in place?

I am perfectly happy in myself to not retake an exam to boost the grade, but if it may decrease my employ-ability I will.

Thanks :)


  • Cheesypeesy
    Cheesypeesy MAAT Posts: 102
    I've answered a similar question before:

    I don't think AAT grades overall are too big of a deal. I think employers would put more emphasis on experience and suitability to the role than to how well you pass AAT. I can't imagine it being used as a tie-breaker.
    Matthew Dearlove MAAT
    Currently on CIMA Management Level. Passed P2, F2 and E2. Preparing for November 19 MCS.
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