Is AATQB a good recognition?

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I will be sitting my level 3 synoptic for the advanced diploma in accounting soob and have only just noticed once completed I can apply to become an AATQB member with AAT. I would like to gain as many recognitions as I can and wanted to know if anyone who has the membership think it's worth getting?


  • David Ballantyne
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    Hi Danny,

    Have a look on a number of job sites and search for AATQB then AAT Level 3 and see which comes up more.

    If you are considering self-employment as a bookkeeper then I believe you would have to be an AATQB in order to gain a practice licence.

    I believe that there are experience requirements for AATQB in addition to completing your exams.
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  • amurray
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    Hi Danny,

    I gained AATQB some time back and can honestly say it has help me professionally, I work in industry and its help me land a new job! (really good to show off on the CV)... Plus it shows your technical skills obtained to date.

    Its still quite a new recognition therefore alot of employment agencies and employers don't know much about it, or nothing at all...(I had to explain a few times what it was), but it is very up and coming and I certainly feel it is worth it!
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