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I have recently completed the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Level 3 and I am now looking for some hands - on work experience before I can eventually become self employed. I'm looking for a few hours each week which I'm happy to undertake on a voluntary basis.

Does anyone have any help or advice on how I could go about this please? I have approached a couple of local accountants/bookkeepers but unfortunately they don't have anything available at the moment.

Many thanks.


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    Where are you based @NinaJohnson? Try reaching out to your local branch for support if there's one near you.

    There's a good article on the AAT blog too: How to gain experience when you can’t get work experience
  • NinaJohnson
    NinaJohnson Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you I will take a look at the article.

    Can I ask what the local branch is please?

    I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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    AAT Branches are run by volunteers and are a network of AAT professionals that meet up to host CPD events and connect with each other. If you're looking for a leg up in your area then definitely reach out. AAT West Yorkshire Branch.

    More info on AAT Branches
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    They are great events to go to.
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    I am interested in gaining voluntary work experience with helping start-ups, people wanting to start their own business, particularly helping them to prepare the financials for a business plan to be discussed with the bank/funding partners. Are there any charities which offer these kind of services?
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