learning by heart or understanding?


I have recently started self studying AAT foundation course is Accounting and am really enjoying it.
I'm reading the materials, taking notes, doing tests. My question is, should I learn the meaning of terms like capital, control account, liability, cash sale by heart or is understanding them enough?
Would I be tested on explaining eg liability at the exam or would there always be choice answers given?
So I guess I'm wondering how thoroughly should I study each new term I encounter in the book?

Thank you for your time


  • CSan89
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    If you understand them then that should get you through level 2. During level 3 and 4 it will feel more like second nature.
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  • student17
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    Thank you CSan89 :)
  • Undlou
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    I've just done my first exam and it's all about understanding. You don't have to write anything other than figures. It's all pretty much multiple choice when asking you which accounts is which etc.
  • LeapyUK
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    I, myself, have started learning Level 2 Foundation Certificate. I find it all very interesting, and enjoy revision.

    I’m currently studying at College, however, I now feel I could have easily self-studied this as it would have been quicker and cheaper. Having said that, I do like going to College.

    I would get an understanding of the key terms and summaries in each unit, as sometimes you may get a multiple choice question regarding what one of these words entails.

    I wish you luck in your studies!
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