Stressing 1st exam

hi folks having a major meltdown 1st exam nxt wk & feel like im nowhere ready, when will this all click to me :( i have so much going of in my personal life and this studying i felt would keep my mind focused on something else.

Any revision tips would b great? took some assements 1st hand without doing any recap and they were all red!


  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Registered Posts: 37
    change the exam date if you're not ready
  • LeapyUKLeapyUK AAT Student Posts: 16
    Hello Billie.

    I did my first exam yesterday on Bookkeeping Transactions and scored 97%.

    Read over the theory and understand it but my advice is to keep taking practice assessments and go over the answers afterwards and see where you went wrong. You’ll gain an insight into the sorts of questions that the real exam asks you.

    I did about 14 mock exams in total. Exam practice is key!

    Good luck!
  • billie38billie38 Registered Posts: 4
    thank u leapyuk
  • KLMKLM AAT Student Posts: 22
    Hi Billie

    I sat and passed both the Bookkeeping Transactions and Bookkeeping Controls last week.

    My biggest tip would be to practice as much as possible. Have another read through your study materials and make use of the AAT study resources; I found the Green Light Tests were great for showing where I needed to focus my revision. Also, as LeapyUK mentioned, do as many mock exams as you can to familiarise yourself with the questions. Good luck!
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