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Just sat my exam for the 2nd time and I know I failed miserably 😒😒😒. The exam was so different. I feel I didn’t know enough cost benefits analysis, did anyone think the same? I don’t have any mock questions on my BPP book at all!


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    @CarlaGroves ,

    Have you been practising AAT mocks? How do you find them? Revision for Synoptic exam is difficult as the exam is from all units, which makes revision very difficult. I have some workbooks from Premier Training in regards of synoptic exam. If you want i can take a picture of questions and send it to you? I haven't used them at all so there's no writings on them.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • amberfernjonesamberfernjones Registered Posts: 7
    hi Carla, which question does cost benefit analysis relate to please
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    @amberfernjones I’m afraid I can’t say too much about the exam. Just practice as much as you can.
  • CarlaGrovesCarlaGroves Registered Posts: 9
    @Norvydas I have but it seemed very very different. That would be great! I would appreciate all the help I can get, as I know I need to resist the exam as soon as I get my result.
    My email address is
    [email protected]
  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 261
    Ok I will e-mail it to you when I get back home from work!
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • CarlaGrovesCarlaGroves Registered Posts: 9
    @Norvydas thank you so much!!!!
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    i got cost benefit analysis as well... and i did not even know about it. it was not in the book as well
  • CarlaGrovesCarlaGroves Registered Posts: 9
    @aroonaz I’ve complained to AAT. I’ve looked back thought all my books and can’t find any similar questions to practice.
  • Casu777Casu777 Registered Posts: 7
    First intuition and Kaplan both do appropriate revision questions (and lots of them, plus a fair few mocks - you would have about 8 between them and the AAT at least). Sounds like you should complain to your existing training provider.
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    I sat the synoptic today for the first time and I also Had question on cost benefit analysis. Except theoretical aspects there is NOTHING in any of my books, not once did I have the opportunity to calculate. Feel utterly disheartened. D on't have this in BPP, Kaplan nor Osborne - find it hard to believe I would have missed it off....
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    I got the same question... no idea how to answer, but I put something down in the box, so just hope to get few marks... I attended 4 times , and still struggle to past. Not much I can do, just keep trying until I pass it, I was so close to 70% each time.
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    I had this question when I sat my exam on Friday, sat for about half an hour wondering what to do as never seen it before! Not seen in any of the Kaplan material or on any mocks, don’t know how we’re supposed to know something we’ve not been taught ? Cost benefit analsis is covered but not what the question asked for 😩
  • ammw90ammw90 Registered Posts: 24
    @Kate95 My Point Exactly! I've got Kaplan, BPP and Osborne books, exam practice and pocket notes. Not one exercise shows the actual calculation, only the theory behind it. Whilst I understand the mechanism and the purpose of this it is not the same having to actually complete one!.Same applies to the discussion box that was expected to be filled in. I was looking at it wondering what did they want from me. Let's hope it's enough to pass but to be fair I am not holding my breath.. :(
  • Kate95Kate95 Registered Posts: 8
    @ammw90 I completely get what you’re saying I was the exact same!
    This is the second time I’ve sat this exam and can’t bare to do the revision for it a third time 😂😩
  • EHarrisEHarris Registered Posts: 3
    "Relevant Costing" relates quite closely to cost benefit analysis, there is a small section on this with a few Test Your Understanding in the Kaplan book. This is the method of costing you will need to use for cost benefit analysis.

    Remember to disregard any sunken costs from the analysis :)

    In the discussion box i think they want you to discuss the financial benefits, so calculate what difference implementing the change will have, i.e sales will increase by x%

    Also its always good to discuss non financial benefits or advantages such as staff moral, reputation etc

    They may also want you to look at whether it is worth making the change, sometimes the cost to implement the new system far outweighs the benefit you will gain.

    Hope this helps!
  • VmazzoVmazzo Registered Posts: 9
    Can anyone help me with the structure of my answer for question 4. Internal controls?

    I’ve sat this exam a number of times now and have yet to pass it! :(
  • WutWut Registered Posts: 6
    I wrote very minimal to the point answers for this and I exceeded in the exam in this area. I did refer to info provided in the pre-release. It is wise that you revise and know all the major cycles inside out, including cash. Hope this helps.
  • GMS1992GMS1992 Registered Posts: 27
    I found with this question you need to minimise the amount of waffle you write.
    I just put
    What - what is the internal control weakness
    Why - why this causes an issue within the company
    How - recommend how this can be changed/fixed
  • VmazzoVmazzo Registered Posts: 9
    Could you give me examples of internal control weaknesses. Do you mean spam soap? Or for example picking up that the manger is not looking at invoices before paying suppliers therefore to improve this if suggest the manger to gather all invoices to be paid to the supplier and check payments are being made accurately and Correctly?
  • Dorota_1680Dorota_1680 Registered Posts: 47
    Hi all! I just had my synoptic exam for a 3rd time and for the first time i had cost benefit analysis which i didn't come across in practice papers. Can you assist where to get some help on this question?
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