Starting up my own bookkeeping business

UpwardBookkeeping Registered Posts: 2
I now have my level 3 advanced bookkeeping qualification and would like any advice from professionals like yourselves, in taking them first steps.
I have decided on a name
I am in the process of setting up a website and Facebook page
I have applied for dbs
I have completed the AML and Priciples assessments
I will apply for license, ico and insurance once I have gained some interest from people

What marketing has worked best for you?

Am I missing anything?

I’m stuck with software options? I would like to be remote and work from home. I have looked into xero and QuickBooks but they don’t appear to be able to process batch supplier invoice. I am good with systems and pick things up quickly. I use sage 50 at work and I like it, is there cloud software that offers this level of package?

Also what is the best most secure way to share documents?

Thank you in advance. Any help, advice and information is much appreciate.
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