Preparing my nephew for 11+ exams

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Hi Folks

My nephew who is 8 years old is quite bright academically. I am thinking of getting him to sit the 11 plus exam.

Is it possible that I can teach him the relevant topics by buying relevant text books and using resources which are available online? Or do you think I should get a private tutor to teach him?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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    Not that this is related to me in any way, but when I read this I thought of this
    It is a great ideat to help your nephew to study, because
    A) You will have the best motivation to teach him as you want him to succeed, where any tutor these days is just there for the money
    B) Help self studying will give him great discipline for the future
    C) Less stressful for the child as he will feel less pressure

    Buy the books and go for it
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    Thanks dumutroba
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    Personally our children have all sat the 11+ so far and we have used tutors. It's difficult to get children engaged in the right way and I'm not a teacher of any sort. The new exams you cannot supposedly teach for. It's about exam technique so it may be possible.

  • geek84
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    Thanks burg
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