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AAT - Practice Assesment 1 - Task 3 (Help, Inventory)

Hi Guys,

I have done a practice assessment which I passed fine but Im having issues working out the inventory values for month 3 on Task 3. Ive seen the answers and still cant work it out. If someone can help then Id appreciate it, ive attached the question.

Thank you



  • s_stars_star Registered Posts: 1

    Opening inventory for Month 3

    Absorption costing:
    15+10+(230000/10000)+(450000/10000)= 93 x 3000 = 279000

    Marginal costing:
    15+10+(230000/10000)= 48 x 3000 = 144000

    Closing Inventory for month 3

    Absorption costing:
    15+10+(2500000/10000)+(450000/10000)= 95 x 2000 = 190000

    Marginal costing:
    15+10+(2500000/10000) = 50 x 2000 = 100000

    Hope this helps :)
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