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Hello, I've come back to AAT after a break after level 3. I'd like to have a go at home study and have purchased online Financial Statements and Budgeting books from Kaplan 2012/13. I assume the text/syllabus would not have significantly changed within this time? Any advice on other good purchases to make would be appreciated. Thank you!


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    I am not sure if you aware but the syllabus has changed from AQA2013 to AQA2016, I am not sure how different it is but I think it would be worth contacting Kaplan / AAT and asking whether you can still revise from the old syllabus. In either case I think books which covers AQA2016 syllabus would make more sense.

    Are you going to study completely independent or you will be looking to study online? For me personally, all i needed to prepare for exam was tutorial, i had workbooks but never used them for either of the AAT levels. Just read the tutorial, did mock exams on AAT and that was it so i think as far as you got Tutorials you should be fine.
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    Hello Norvydas, thank you for your reply. Yes, it may be worth me contacting AAT to confirm. I'm thinking that the fundamentals will be the same and so it's a starting point. I'm looking to study independently, I studied in the classroom previously and didn't find it really worked for me, I achieved more working alone. Many Thanks
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    can any one tell me any cheap assessment centre for AAT level 4 exam in birmingham.
    I am doing AAT Level 4 via self study.
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    the 2013 books are very different from the current syllabus 2016 - contact me if you need to buy some books second hand (I have few which aren't really used much)
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