AAT Comment: Why accountants are looking to integrate management systems

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There are a number of reasons why accountancy firms and practitioners might want to combine and streamline their management systems.

Among the potential benefits are: having a single set of standards for the entire business, increased efficiency, potential cost savings, a higher level of security and a reduction in duplication and bureaucracy.

Another advantage of integrating management systems is that essential but repetitive tasks can be automated, freeing staff to add value to their interactions with clients and reduce human error. It can also enable real time data sharing to improve decision making, which is important for accountants who are advising clients about the overall financial health of their clients’ businesses.

If you are an SME or sole practitioner, and you want to increase the size of your business, a well-integrated management system can also help you scale up. It can also help with Making Tax Digital and provide a better customer service.

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