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Good Morning folks

I hope you're all well. A lot of you may have heard that only 20% of jobs are advertised and the other 80% of the jobs remain unadvertised and are in the 'hidden job market'.

Can anyone suggest how to tap into this hidden job market?

Has anyone found a job this way?



  • Norvydas
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    I've never heard of this in my life before?

    By unadvertised jobs do you mean the employer might be looking for someone but haven't advertised themselves? If this is the case then the only way you will be able to get such a job is a) if you go to each company and hand your CV directly to them or b) through family/friends.

    Again, I've never heard of "hidden job market" before.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Neillaw
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    I know what you mean - its something recruiters do all the time.

    They won't advertise a job to and make it specific to their firm, the only way to tap into this is to get registered or familiar with your local recruiters.
  • mergen
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    Register with recruiters and if you have time, visit each business in your area and hand in your CV.
  • geek84
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    Thanks folks
  • Mike Webster
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    Register with LinkedIn - many employers are using this social network as their primary recruiting platform - good luck
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • geek84
    geek84 MAAT Posts: 568 ? ? ?
    Thanks Mark

    I am already on linked in
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