Purchase Ledger Assistant job interview with practical exercises - what to expect?

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I've got a 2nd interview coming up where they will conduct a formal interview as part 1 and then after that they will introduce me to the team and ask me to complete some practical exercises.
I have no Purchase Ledger work experience and they know that. What could they be asking me to do in terms of practical exercises based on my AAT Level 2 knowledge?

Any ideas would be very helpful so that I could prep for it as best as I can.

Kind regards


  • LeapyUK
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    edited April 2019
    Hi there.

    The task will probably be an excel-based assessment, usually asking you to create a simple table and use a simple formula to create what the task sets. It usually asks you to save the file in a certain location on the computer, attach it to an e-mail and flag it as high importance, to see if you possess the basic computer/e-mail and excel skills.

    Good luck!
  • student17
    student17 Registered Posts: 17
    Thank you @LeapyUK :)
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