Different Accountants for Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax submission??

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Just wondered if anyone knew if it's possible to have two different Accountants one for submitting Annual Accounts to Companies House and the other to calculate and submit Corporation Tax to HMRC?

I'm sure I read somewhere that the software only allows you to submit them both together/? I will be using Taxfiler but I've only just got my practice up and running, I have a potential new Limited company Client, I would only want to do the accounts as at the moment as I'm doing further training for Business Tax?? Thanks


  • MarieNoelle
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    Most software allow separate filings for statutory accounts and corporation tax return.
    However it would be very odd to ask your client to find another accountant for the CT filings only. If I were approached by an accountant or a client with such request I wouldn't accept the engagement as I would need to review the accounts in the first place.
    I would therefore recommend that you only accept the appointment when you are ready to provide both services.
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